Microsoft Solutions

A collection of powerful productivity app you can use
anywhere and anytime. Organize your life, expand your creativity,
and protect whats important...

Custom Software Development Solutions

Our team of talented and experienced developers will
assist you create sophisticated, custom and secured software
solutions that will meet your...

Secured Infrastructure Services and Hosted Services (On- Premise and Cloud )

High availability of cloud storage with production
capacity and disaster recovery services, enabling our clients to get
necessary services to leverage within a secured environment...

Business Intelligence

Enable everyone at every level of your organization
to make confident and informed decisions by using tools that
will transform data into intelligent, easy-to-understand visualizations whilst
maintaining accuracy and security of your information. ...


Secure your environment with our solutions in identity
and access management, information protection, threat
protection and cloud security ...

Hardware and Software Supply

Supply, configure, design implementation and
support of high quality hardware and software...

Honeycomb Solutions Architects (Honeycomb) is a level 1 BBBEE supplier that was established in 2010. Honeycomb provides measurable and valuable IT solutions to its customers, that will ensure that the return on investment is realized post implementation of the solutions offered.

Our Values
We pride ourselves with the following adopted values:





Adding Value


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Our services are offered to diversified customers both from government and private sector. We ensure that all our solutions are implemented following best practices to minimize the risks associated with new deployments.


Microsoft Solutions

We offer the full range of Microsoft software powerful productivity apps you can use anywhere and anytime. These can be tailored to the size of your business...


Cyber Security Solutions

Maintaining both the integrity and confidentiality of information that is sensitive is imperative to any organisation. Secure your environment with ...


Secured Infrastructure Services & Hosted Services

High availability of cloud storage with production capacity and disaster recovery services...

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